Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bonus Comics

These are comics I made for holidays or for fun. I don't always have inspiration to make holiday comics when the holiday comes up, which is why there aren't many.

Holiday Comics
April Fools 2007
April Fools 2006

Christmas 2005
Christmas 2007

Easter 2006

Halloween 2007 pt. 1
Halloween 2007 pt. 2
Halloween 2009 pt. 1
Halloween 2009 pt. 2
Halloween 2012

New Years 2008

St. Patrick's Day 2007

Thanksgiving 2005

Valentine's Day 2006
Valentine's Day 2007

Anniversary Comics
Poring Pelters 1st Anniversary
Poring Pelters 2nd Anniversary
Poring Pelters 8th Anniversary

Misc. Comics
Friday the 13th
The Death of Geocities
The MS Paint Comic

Happy Birthday Comics
Powder Rune

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