Friday, September 27, 2013

8th Anniversary

Angevon's Comments:
I guess I should rename the comic to "Drops Destroyers."

Eight years? Are there any readers from the beginning who are still here with me?

Of course, eight years includes some very long breaks, but overall, yeah. The story is still going strong, and I've plenty of plans and ideas for the future, so we won't be stopping any time soon.

Again I'd like to thank my friend Soma for being my #1 fan and my ideas/brainstorming go-to guy. We wouldn't be here without him, and that's a fact!

So, new readers and old, let me tell you that I appreciate each and every one of you. And I love reading all your comments. It definitely keeps me motivated to hear from you all. It's half the fun, I think!

Here's to another year.



  1. Here's to another year indeed.

    This comic series keeps me entertained during my college semesters.

    Two tests coming up next week and I'm still fretting about it!

  2. I have been reading this comic since it was on geocities (if I remember the old webpage xD)

    I dont post a lot, but I still read this comic all the time.

    Congratulations on 8 years, and sorry for my bad english Xd

  3. Our pelted porings quota has been met! (drops are still in the poring family... right?)
    Grats for the 8th anniversary!
    But time sure flies, it felt like it was just yesterday that I found your old web and started reading poring pelters XD

  4. Thanks for the great comics Angevon :D Happy anniversary! I can't remember when I started, I think it was when gaston debuted. Got interested then read the whole story from the beginning.

  5. 8 years! Woo! Congratulations! I do hope that you'll still be making this years to come in the future. (I didn't start reading it when it was completely new, but maybe a year in? Wow, it has been a long time...)

  6. I'm here since the beginning and I visit at least once every day when I can. Love your comic and I hope
    it'll continue for a long time or at least as long as you are still happy with it. Take care.

  7. Omg, I've been reading it since the previous website too! Happy anniversary! May a lot more of Porings be pelted! (them poor blobs) :DDD