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Prontera is the capital of the Rune-Midgard Kingdom, central to basically every other location. It's a bustling city full of people and adventurers.

On the far north side of the city is Prontera Castle, where the king, Tristan Gaebolg III, lives, although few have seen him. In the northeast section is the church that is home to the Odin Orthodoxy. In the northwest is the Knights' Guild. In the center of the city is an iconic statue of Odin, and it is where many adventurers meet up.

The Prontera Culverts (Sewer) dungeon can be accessed west of the city.

North of Prontera and past the Mjolnir mountains is Al De Baran. Northeast is the St. Capitolina Abbey, where the monks train. Directly southeast is the satellite city, Izlude. Far to the south is the Sograt Desert, and far southeast is the dense Payon forest. Far west is the magic city of Geffen.

OST - Theme of Prontera

In Poring Pelters

Almost the entire story will take place in Prontera. Strangely, few of the characters are natively from this great city.

The Knightmaster of the Prontera branch of the Knights' Guild is Lavian Angevon.

Characters from Prontera include:


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