Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Although Juno is the Schwartzwald Republic's capital, Lighthalzen is its commercial center. The Rekenber Corporation, a wealthy research-based company, has invested immeasurable funds to make it the grand city that it is today. In fact, almost everyone in Lighthalzen is employed by the Rekenber Corp or one of its subsidiaries.

Because of the important and sometimes top-secret research done by Rekenber, for security reasons, visitors to Lighthalzen will find many areas restricted to them. However, there is still plenty to do in the city. The Lighthalzen Hotel is world-famous, after all!

Outside Lighthalzen is a slums district, the visible divide between the rich and poor, but Rekenber Corporation is doing its best to employ the less-fortunate and to help clean up the slums. Because of the perceived danger, people are not allowed to visit the slums without a proper pass. This restriction includes Lighthalzen's own citizens.

OST - Noblesse Oblige

In Poring Pelters

Ah, Lighthalzen, the flawed gem. You're so pretty at first glance, but then you see it's all artificial. I haven't decided whether or not we'll be visiting it, but it's good for everyone to know that it's there. And we will definitely be seeing a bit of the Rekenber Corporation...

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