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Juno is the capital of the Schwartzwald Republic. As a testament to the Republic's interest in science and technology, it floats above the El Mes Plateau and consists of three islands connected by stone bridges. The "Heart of Ymir" is what allows it to defy gravity.

Juno is home to the Sage's Guild and also houses an extensive library. Research is the city's motto. There is even a Monster Museum.

An airship travels between Juno and Izlude. From Juno, one can also take an airship to the Republic's other main cities.

OST - Theme of Juno

In Poring Pelters

There is some confusion as to whether it's spelled Juno or Yuno, but I chose to use the former.

Juno is generally a touristy destination.

Characters from Juno include:

Sir Glass Leonid

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