Friday, May 1, 2009


If you've got an RO comic or RO-related link, let me know in the comments and I'll gladly add it.

Ragnarok Online Links
My sprite site --- too many RO sprites to count
The iRO wiki --- your source for iRO info
RO Cards  --- a forum for European players
Rune Nifelheim --- en EspaƱol
Background HQ --- RO background textures in top-down view

Other Comics
Ragnarok Wisdom --- Humorous hand-drawn comics by Aragan the Acolyte.
Portal Hopping --- One of the first Ragnarok sprite comics out there. By Sir Hawkeye.
Al de Baran --- A sprite comic about two girls who are trying to make progress in a game unfriendly to newbies. We've all been there. By Kristin Harris.
Ragnadventure --- A sprite comic about two girls and their family and friends --- the Heimdall. My favorite character is the Fabre! By Tinala.
Ruins --- One of the first RO sprite comics. By Orbonne deArc.
Crimson Wings --- A sprite comic by MoonLam.
Redemption of Heroes --- A sprite comic by Zerolimits. A [Dark] Rune Knight's adventure begins after he runs into the kingdom's princess.
Fate and Destiny --- a boy is hunted by an evil wizard, but to what purpose? By Vincent Swiftstrike.
Ethereal Elixer --- a sprite comic adaptation of a story by Vincent Swiftstrike.

Other Stuff
Ethereal Elixer --- the story for the above-mentioned comic by Vincent Swiftstrike.