Friday, May 1, 2009


I want to talk to you! How?
Contact info can be found on the About page.

How do you make the comic?
I use a combination of MSPaint and Adobe Photoshop 7. I've put up a tutorial here.

How do you get those impossible angles for the comic's background?
Umm... client modding ;;

Where'd you get your sprites to make the comic with?

What's your update schedule?
We are currently on hiatus.

Can I comment on older comics?
Please do! Just try not to spoil anything for new readers! Moderation is turned on for comments on older posts (for anti-spam), so you won't see your comment immediately.

Do you still play RO?
No, and I haven't played in many years. I'm continuing the comic out of nostalgia, mostly.

What online games do you play?
Nothing really. I've quit them for various reasons. They are mainly too time-consuming!

Do you role-play?
No. Strangely, that's something I never really got into.

I have an idea for the comic! Will you use it?
Maybe. The story is rather set in stone up to a certain point. But go ahead and talk to me about it. Even if I don't use your particular idea, talking about it can help me come up with my own.

You are also very welcome to create fan fiction or fan comics. Speaking of which...

I've made fancomics/fanart/fanfiction! Will you post it?
Sure, as long as it's not offensive. I'd love to see it. I'll put it in the Fan Works section.

Wouldn't ThisChar x ThatChar make a cute yaoi/yuri couple?
Sure! I'm totally okay with this. We're going to have some canon slash pairings, anyway!

Can I use your character names in X game?
I don't play online games anymore, so go ahead and have fun roleplaying my characters, but please don't pretend to be me.

Join X game / server!
Sorry, I've quit online games...

Church of Geffen? What the heck?
For storytelling purposes I've made some modifications to the game's world. For more information, see the posts about the Rune-Midgard Kingdom and the Schwartzwald Republic.

Can I be in the comic?
Yes, but you'll only be in as a cameo appearance (a nameless character standing in the background or walking by). And you won't be seen for another year. I'm not kidding. I make comics waaaaay ahead of time.

Cameo requests are generally accepted between chapters, but if you missed it, you can still send one in. Check the About page to contact me. I run out of cameos fairly quickly, to be honest, so more are always welcome~

Can you help me make a website?
I used one of the default blogger templates and just tweaked it with the template designer until it looked the way I wanted it. The Navbar coding came from this Helplogger post.

My question isn't on here...
Go ahead and comment your question on this post~

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