Friday, May 1, 2009

Characters - Families

There are several noble families in the Rune-Midgard Kingdom. Here are the important ones in Poring Pelters.

The Angevon Family's head of household is Sir Jamus Angevon, who was bestowed with the Grand Cross Order of Merit when he discovered the source of the town invasions in his youth and put an end to them. Soon after, he married Alicia, an acolyte in the Church of Al De Baran. Together they had five children.

The Angevon family is well-known throughout Rune-Midgard--not only for the striking blue hair color typical of the family--but due to Sir Jamus's selfless and heroic deeds. Very few people are recognized by the king like he has been. Currently Sir Jamus is the leader of the Aesir Ciel guild, which he directs to defend those in need of protection instead of those who pay well, as other guilds tend to do.

His children seem to be living up to his reputation, though there was some question a decade ago: Tammothen was a bit of a troublemaker, perhaps constrained by the standard he was supposed to live up to as the oldest child. Unfortunately, he died in a fire when he was a novice.

Lavian, then, is the oldest living descendant. She's the Knightmaster of Prontera, meaning she is the leader of the Knights' Guild there.

Lloyd, the only living male descendant, became religious, perhaps due to his elder brother's death, and turned to the way of the Odin by joining the Crusaders in Prontera.

Kyrsa, like Lloyd, also joined the Church of Prontera as an acolyte.

Finally, the youngest child, Ellsyria, has yet to decide her fate... (as of the Prologue, at least!)

The Laventar Family can be considered the polar opposite of the Angevon family. They are infamous in Al De Baran for committing atrocities on a regular basis. Scamming merchants, bullying novices, using dead branches to terrorize citizens--nothing is above them. They make sure to do most crimes just within the law so that they escape punishment. Not that it matters; they've bribed the officials, anyway!

The youngest child, Kethios, was born so much later than his brothers that, to avoid inheritance disputes, he was sent into the church where'd he'd be unlikely to cause problems. He's now a priest at the Church of Prontera.

The eldest sons became Knights of Al De Baran, contributing to the growing corruption there.

The LaVelle Family is a bit of an anomaly. Edgar is the only surviving member; his parents died in a tragic boating accident. Not much can really be said about the family.

Wait... why does the Peerage say the only son died, too?

The de'Vabriel family is a proud wizarding family originating from Geffen. They're always adept at magic, so it was quite a shock when Gwynneth became a Swordsman-Crusader instead of a Mage-Wizard, but as it turns out, Crusaders can use magic, too--Grand Cross.

[I haven't decided if Gwynneth is an only child... Details to come as I hammer them out.]

The de'Strosi Family is a strong wizarding family from Geffen, but unlike the others listed here, they are not nobles, although they might pretend to be! They certainly tend to have an ego.

Vesper and Velger are brother and sister and went separate paths. She's a sage who focuses on speed casting, and he's a wizard who focuses on power.