Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Alberta is a port city in the far southeast corner of the Rune-Midgard Kingdom. Recently explorers have discovered several inhabited lands across the sea, bringing in new trade and culture to the kingdom.

Alberta is home to the Merchants' Guild.

A ferry travels between Alberta and Izlude.

OST - Theme of Alberta

In Poring Pelters

Some ten years ago the undead ship captain Drake and his monster minions entered Alberta to kill and destroy. The Merchants' Guild squabbled for a long time before the Aesir Ciel guild led by Sir Jamus Angevon came and defeated the monsters.

Game lore says that Alberta is not very busy, but if it's a port city it should be bustling with merchants. It's home to the Merchants' Guild, after all!

Characters from Alberta include:

Carl Sauvages
Lenna Baxter
Randy (Master Forger)

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