Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Schwartzwald Republic

The Schwartzwald Republic consists of the rugged lands north of the Rune-Midgard Kingdom. It is a realm of science and technology, spearheaded by the wealthy Rekenber Corporation. The Republic appears to be a representative democracy led by an elected president, but the election process and ruling system is not transparent to outsiders.

Important locations include:
Juno, the capital
Einbroch, the industrial center
Einbech, the mining town
Lighthalzen, the commercial capital
Hugel, the garden city

In Poring Pelters

We are only just beginning to explore the Schwartzwald Republic as a location. By the way, in-game the spelling of the Republic's name changed in the game's formative years, but I'm sticking with Schwartzwald because I always thought it was borrowed from the location in Germany, but apparently that's actually spelled without the t. Oh well.

The Republic doesn't have a Knights' Guild per se, but the Lord Knight Sir Glass Leonid is its national hero. But in the end, he is only a figurehead--people who've played through the game's quests will know that Rekenber holds the power in Schwartzwald.

Rune-Midgard is currently pursuing an alliance with the Republic. Mixing the Kingdom's magic with the Republic's technology could lead to interesting results...

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