Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Al De Baran

Al De Baran is the northern-most city in the Rune-Midgard Kingdom, directly north of the capital, Prontera. It is filled with canals reminiscent of our world's Venice, Italy. The canals seem to power several windmills found around the city. A breezy cafe overlooks these canals for local enjoyment.

The central landmark of the city is the grand Clock Tower which is also a dungeon with a time/temporal distortion theme. Adventurers can visit Lutie, the winter holiday-themed town, by talking to Mr. Claus. Finally, Al De Baran also houses the Kafra Corporation's headquarters--the Kafra Corporation services include item storage, fast travel, and mail--and the Alchemists' Guild.

Travelers planning to visit Al De Baran without utilizing the Kafra travel service will have to traverse the dangerous Mjolnir mountains which are filled with aggressive monsters including giant insects and hostile plant life.

North of Al De Baran is the Schwartzwald Republic.

OST - Theme of Aldebaran

In Poring Pelters

Due to its high-class atmosphere, Al De Baran is where many noble families have settled. I've also decided on spelling it "Al De Baran" instead of "Aldebaran."

Al De Baran also has a branch of the Knights' Guild, but it is mostly corrupt due to corrupt nobles using it for their own interests. There is also a branch of the Odin Orthodox Church, also corrupt in the same way. In fact, crusaders have left this church because its actions have clashed with their morals.

Characters from Al De Baran include:

(The entire Angevon family)
Ellsyria Angevon
Lavian Angevon
Lloyd Angevon
Kyrsa Angevon
Tammothen Angevon
and their parents, Alicia and Sir Jamus Angevon

(The entire Laventar family)
Kethios Laventar
and his two brothers

Edgar LaVelle
Lily Roan

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