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Morroc is a desert settlement deep in the Sograt Desert far southwest of Prontera. The city lives partly in the shadow of great, mysterious pyramids, and the Sphinx is directly to the west, inhabited by the spirits of both the interred and those who died building it.

The Thieves Guild has made the pyramid's basement level its home, and Morroc has garnered a reputation for catering to the seedy side of life. Members of both the Assassins' Guild and Rogues' Guild frequent the city, often using it as their base of operations away from home. The party island of Comodo is just a stone's throw away, after all.

Morroc was actually destroyed when Surt revived after a certain game update; currently its inhabitants have made an impromptu camp near the pyramids and are slowly rebuilding the city.

OST - Theme of Morroc

In Poring Pelters

Morroc has not been destroyed, nor do I have any plans for that to happen. But of course that could change in the future.

Morroc has a branch of the Odin Orthodox Church, but it's been corrupted by the city's politics. It has a poor reputation.

Generally, most people avoid the city unless they want to give in to their vices.

Characters from Morroc include:


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