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Izlude is a sattelite city to Prontera, perhaps overshadowed by its big sister. It's built on a series of small islands. It's home to the Swordsman Association and a monster arena.

Izlude is connected to Juno by an airship. A ferry can be taken to Alberta as well.

A boat to Byalan Island, the sea-based dungeon, can be taken from Izlude.

OST - Everlasting Wanderers

In Poring Pelters

Most people who live in Izlude are knights or swordsmen. There is a sense of national pride in being part of the Swordsman Association.

Izlude is generally just a stepping stone for people to get to Prontera or to go to Byalan Island to train.

The airship is a recent addition, resulting from peace talks with the Schwartzwald Republic.

Characters from Izlude include:

Benedict Solor

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