Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chapter Four 148

Angevon's Comments:
Happy new year, people. My resolution is to get through this chapter without taking any extended oh-no-she-hasnt-updated-in-forever-did-she-quit breaks.

I realize after the fact that the background for the first two panels looks weird if you aren't familiar with Ragnarok Online's zone change portals.

Also in retrospect I probably shouldn't have used Keth's bedroom for this dialogue...

Ah, well.


  1. It's Carl and he kissed my Ellsy.

    Kethios: ..... Celibacy.

    Bene: Oh, right.

  2. You know Kethios, beds don't work that way...

  3. Happy new year, angevon!

    Bene will have to become a Monk and show some skin in order to steal Ellsy's heart. lol