Saturday, June 8, 2013

Soma's Birthday 2013

Angevon's Comments:
This is my rogue, Matthew "Fiftyfingers" Finnegan, and my friend Soma's gunslinger, Daichi Midorikawa. We played Ragnarok Online together with these two characters, and because of that, Soma speculated that they should be friends. So I made this comic with them as friends.

In game, I liked to have Matt stand near the edge of cliffs and shout that he's gonna jump. He thinks it's funny--but he's never actually jumped before! He's not really suicidal--he's a lighthearted, cheerful guy.

And Midorikawa is all about keeping his cool under pressure and looking stylish. He would definitely not want to get his clothes wet! Midorikawa was cameo'd in the recent hidden temple story arc, where he had nothing to say because of how ridiculous he thought the situation was.

And about Soma...

From fan to friend to an integral part of the story-writing process -- that is Soma! Poring Pelters wouldn't be the same without him, and in fact, probably would have ended somewhere in chapter 2. He keeps me going and keeps me from getting lazy. I'm very grateful to have him as a friend. I can't even describe it. And it was very hard not to tell him I was making this comic for him!

Though... I think he'll be a little sad that I put this up instead of an actual update, hehe~


  1. Aaaaah, thank you thank you thank you! <3 I have the biggest grin on my face right now.

  2. Torn between being happy for a fun interlude, and sad for the lack of actual comic... :p
    (I've wanted to make characters do that. Jump down places. Swim. :< )

  3. Not to sound creepy or anything, but I wouldn't mind having a side story of these two...