Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chapter Two Notes

Angevon's Comments:
Ask any questions you have here and I'll answer to the best of my ability, as long as it isn't about future stories :)

In a week I'll put up a guest comic I got from Tinala~

Also, someone wanted to see my 'notes to self' on how I organize the comic, so here they are. When I write the comic, often it's just a matter of me opening Photoshop and then deciding on the fly what will happen next. But sometimes I write dialogue out ahead of time. And then, when I get to the point where that dialogue will be used, I usually wrote too much and have to condense it for the actual comic. So, there will be differences in my notes and what actually ended up happening. It is also disjointed and missing some things. Enjoy: (pastebin)

I also have a lot of stuff written on paper, but I don't think I'll scan it for you! I could type it up but it's just more scrapped dialogue, nothing really new.

Here is a timeline I wrote trying to organize all the events I wanted to have happen: Link
This chapter was really hard to organize...

Chapter 3 is supposed to be short. Knowing me, it will still take half a year, minimum, to get through.

Chapter 4 is long but I'm still revising it. I came up with most of these plotlines in high school and it's kind of obvious by how ridiculous they are.

As always, thanks to all of my fans who keep me working on this~ Without you we would never have got past the prologue.


  1. congratulations another chapter well done

    ps: your notes are so different than what i had imagined


    PS: What happens in the mean time? @_@

  3. Thanks for keeping this comic running Angevon :D I enjoyed this chapter. I'm looking forward to see Elsie back next chapter!

  4. Just can't wait for it,
    Keep the awesome work bro!