Friday, May 1, 2009


Angevon's Comments:
Welcome new readers! Trust me, this comic will be more than exploding porings! ^^ Action coming in 3 comics, I promise~ Anyway, you have just met battlepriest Kethios Laventar. Shown here, he is just north of the Prontera guild map (Valkyrie Realm). My first comic ever, yay!

Retrospective Changeover Comments:
For those who remember, my very first set of comics were terribly compressed since I used jpgs in MSPaint. Yes, I was a newbie. SO! I'm remaking the old comics with the new font style so that the text will be readable. If you're completely new to the comic anyway, take a look at the old version here to see the difference. Hideous, right? Would you honestly even read the comic if they were all like that?