Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Site Update

Hey everyone! As you can see, I did a little bit of a site revamp. I've changed the blogger template and added a Navigation Bar. I hope it will be useful and contain interesting information for you all.

In the process, I've updated the FAQ and I've reversed my opinion on some things: it's now totally fine if you want to write fanfiction or do other fan stuff with my characters! Maybe you can have as much fun as I do when I write stuff for them :) In fact, I've made a fan section (under the Extras tab), but right now they are mostly empty... I know some of you have made fan art--don't be afraid to show me!

I've also updated the About page with my contact info. If you guys use Twitter, I'm starting to use the #poringpelters tag to talk about the comic & you can join in too if you'd like.

I've added a "World" section which describes the cities in the game's world. They are honestly not much different from what's on iRO wiki but I've put some effort into them and I've mentioned any changes I've made from the game's lore. Like how the Knights' guild has multiple branches, etc.

Oh, I also wanted to say that I do read all your comments and you can always comment on older comics, too. I'll still see them.

And I didn't forget that today's an update day, too, so go see it~