Friday, March 9, 2012

Chapter Four 005

Angevon's Comments:
Swordsmen who want to become crusaders have to see the head crusader and pass a bunch of tests before they're accepted into the brotherhood. In my world, however, since I made a branch of the Church in many towns, there are also the related class changers there. If you want to join the Church of Geffen, then, you'd go to that branch for your class change.

The same works with knights since I've made branches of the Knights' guild in Al de Baran and Geffen as well.

It doesn't apply to any other classes, though. Wizards have to go to Geffen, bards & dancers to Comodo, sages to Juno, assassins & rogues to the Morroc area, etc.

Anyway, the point is that she got her class change in the Geffen branch of the church.


  1. hmmm wonder keith will say lol

  2. He's gonna ask her to meet Lloyd I guess xD

    And Lloyd will help her.

    +2 love points.