Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chapter Four 004

Angevon's Comments:
Her problem is about to become your problem, Bene.


  1. Looks like bhl88 predicted it!~

  2. This could either go really well or REALLY badly. XD

    ...No idea how to predict it though. XD

  3. Predicted it correct (twice): That a love triangle will form and that Lloyd will ask Kethios for help XD.

    However, I can't predict what happens next.... is the girl into old (Lloyd) or young (Bene).... [well forgot their ages so I expected 2nd jobbers to be 27-35 and 1st jobbers to be 15-21.

    And the final results could be:
    1) One of them wins, but her real self (her father is strict, her personality, etc.) caused the winner to abort ship.
    2) None of them wins and they (Lloyd and Bene) both hit each other's heads/hit themselves on the wall/punch each other.
    3) The girl was assassinated by some unknown guy or died in an accident.