Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chapter Six 040

Angevon's Comments:


  1. My super Baby Mage always runs equipments that allows him to use support spells. Mostly in the form of various accessories.

    Heal, Detoxify, Cure, Teleport, Warp Portal... list goes on for what he can use. It's actually kind of fun, definitely one of my more favorable parts of me playing Ragnarok is being able to sort of multi-class like that.

    Thank goodness I decided to buy a Mistress Card. Warp Portal, Stone Curse and Safety wall in my baby's skill kit, buying that card has probably saved me more money than I would have otherwise spent on blue and red gemstones, as the card makes it so spells like them need no catalyst. Lets me throw up warp portals and safety walls all willy-nilly.

  2. Welp, Gwyn, if they give up on being acolytes it just means they shouldn't have become acolytes in the first place...