Friday, March 7, 2014

Chapter Five Notes

Angevon's Comments:
I've paste-binned the self notes here. This chapter went through a ton of revisions. I'm not sure if the notes reflect that.

A new chapter means new cameos! Use one of the sims below to make some background characters for me:

1. Nozomi sim

a). Choose "Job" on the left bar.
b). Customize. Add headgears, choose hairstyle, etc.
c). As you customize, notice that the URL changes. Add a comment to this post with the URL for the character you made.
d). There are no color dyes for this sim.

2. RMS sim

a). Choose gender with the heads at the bottom of the middle box (between the arrows).
b). Use the tabs to choose jobs.
c). Customize! Add headgears, choose hairstyle, color dyes, etc.
d). Generate an avatar and add a comment to the post with the avatar link.
e). Don't worry about the weird spot on the nose that the hair dyes put in. I'll remove it.
f). If you use a hair or color dye, tell me what number it is.

You can submit as many cameos as you want. The more, the merrier~

Finally, thank you all for reading the comic after all this time! We will be continuing very soon! Chapter Six has ~100 comics in it!

Oh, yeah, and Kethios/Ellsy shippers are welcome to write fan fiction or fan comics for their crushed dreams... haha.


  1. I missed the no-nightmare beside Colin's bed thing... interesting

    Also missed the fact that Sir Jamus confirmed that you can denounce priesthood / priestesshood for marriage.

  2. As much as I would have liked Kethios/Ellsy, somehow I knew it wouldn't be. Too cliché.



    cart 6

  6. I humbly submit a few, based on some of the characters I left behind when I quit RO last year:

    Then again, considering third-job characters have showed up, like, twice in the entire comic, I'll be understanding if there is no place for them.

  7. Here's my Arch Bishop
    and my very first character back when he was still a knight
    Thanks you!