Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chapter Five 48

Angevon's Comments:
Or maybe a tiny purple bug!

This is not actually possible in the game, but still fun to imagine!


  1. now that I think about it... this makes SL the strongest job in ro!

    1. Which is exactly why that's not possible in the game XD too bad. I like soul linkers! A couple of them can make a lot of difference during WoE

    2. I honestly don't know much about Soul Linkers. I had to learn about them just for her!

    3. It's not about battle, 'cause casting their offensive spells on non-monster targets gets the caster stunned.
      But a Soul Linker when buffing another with the Soul Linker Spirit buff allows the other to buff any character with their special buffs (Kaite, Kaizel and Kaupe), which is awesome :D Kaizel, for example, resurrects the target instantly on spot (some servers disable that, but at most of the private it just means double trouble for the opponent)!
      They cannot buff third party characters without the Link (only his/her spouse and children are valid targets given any situation, which I think it's pretty useful for you to know) nor can they apply the Spirit to themselves, though. That's why another Soul Linker with the Spirit is needed. :3