Thursday, January 9, 2014

Season One 22

Soma says:
Red herbs probably sting like hell which is why they don't heal that much.

Angevon's Comments:


  1. I don't know about them stinging a lot, since Red potions are almost just as weak. But damn herbs in that game can be ridiculously heavy! Especially for poor Mages or archers...

    How much does a piece of plant actually weigh? Especially those white and blue herbs!

    1. Red potions are uuuh... really bitter? :D

    2. Dunno about that either though, because some characters in the game like drinking potions. That said, almost all said characters are rather weird in the first place.

      I suppose that it could depend on how healthy said herb is. Red being an almost dead herb, yellow being a moderately healthy herb, and white being the most potent and healthiest of herbs. The healthier the herb, the more potent the herbatastic juice inside the plant is. But that doesn't get around blue or green herbs unless they are a different form of plant entirely. Considering how both work different, this couldn't be out of the question.

      Also, orange potions exist in the game, which is created by mixing both yellow AND red herbs together. You'd think that would make the potion even stronger, but no, apparently the orange potion is weaker than the yellow potion and therefore the red herb in the mixture actually WEAKENS the effectiveness of the medicine which makes little point to actually make an orange potion in the first place! Now, one could argue that mixing a red and yellow herb together would allow enough herb juice for the potion to make two orange potions and not just one. However, two orange potions is still far less effective than just 1 yellow potion all on it's own anyways, which still makes the whole process of creating orange potions moot!

      Green herbs look different enough from all the other herbs to be considered a completely different type entirely, but one must wonder how green potions are essentially just a grounded green herb mixed with water, now able to suddenly be able to cure not only just poison, but blindness and silence as well. Unless Rune Midgard uses some pretty swag water with their potions, of course.

      The game states that blue herbs have a specific fragrance that helps clear the mind, which makes me wonder if characters just sniff the... herb...

      Well, that sounds kind of wrong.


      CONCLUSION: this game has absolutely no freakin' sense at all. And still doesn't explain how the leaf of a plant can STILL have the same weight as 70 freakin' normal arrows.

      Yeah, I'll go with the "really bitter" explanation~

    3. I should have made Vincent an alchemist.