Thursday, November 14, 2013

Season One 01

Soma says:
Hey guys. Soma here, welcome to Guns and Bunnies. You might have seen my name pop up here and there, as I sometimes help Angevon organize her ideas. I wanted to let her know that I really loved her comic, so one day I gathered the courage to strike up a conversation, and that was how it all started.

Did you ever wonder what was going on with the world while Ellsy traipsed around trying to woo older men? This here is Vincent Swiftstrike, the quintessential swordie. Perhaps you can find out through him.

Angevon's Comments:
Guns and Bunnies takes place in the Poring Pelters universe, so you'll see some familiar characters. The author is my best friend, and I'll be posting it here for him.

As I mentioned, updates for it will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (basically when I'm not updating Chapter 5). I thought this plan was better than alternating every-other-day because that would get confusing. By the way, both stories are complete, so don't worry about either of us running out of steam.

Oh, and, uh, Vincent's a real person, who has his own comic, here. And Soma doesn't actually know Vincent. So, uhh, it's a bit weird that he's a character in this story? Eh, just go with it!


  1. Well, we did play RO together for a short time!
    I hope you all enjoy the comic.

  2. yay more poringpelter awsomeness

  3. Wasnt Vincent the jellopy knight from one of the earliest chapters?

    1. No, that wasn't me. :)

      This will actually be really interesting to see how this goes. XD

      I need to get back to working on my own comic again soon. Just been busy with other stuff. :<

    2. Duh, thanks for the correction :p