Monday, August 19, 2013

Chapter Four Notes

Angevon's Comments:
For anyone interested in an inside look at the story-writing process, I've paste-binned the self notes here. I don't really recommend looking at it, though. It's a mess!

Now, we have a high-class wedding to attend! I'd like some cameos of characters in tuxedos and dresses. Use one of the sims below to make some characters for me:

1. Nozomi sim

a). Choose "Job" on the left bar and open "Other" and choose "Tuxedo/Wedding Dress"
b). Customize. Add headgears, choose hairstyle, etc.
c). As you customize, notice that the URL changes. Add a comment to this post with the URL for the character you made.
d). There are no color dyes for this sim.

2. RMS sim

a). Choose gender with the heads at the bottom of the middle box (between the arrows).
b). Use the "Special" tab to choose dress/tux.
c). Customize! Add headgears, choose hairstyle, color dyes, etc.
d). Generate an avatar and add a comment to the post with the avatar link.
e). Don't worry about the weird spot on the nose that the hair dyes put in. I'll remove it.
f). If you use a dye, tell me what number it is.

You can submit as many as you want. I don't care! I could also use normal, not dressed-up characters too!

Finally, thank you all for reading the comic after all this time! We will be continuing very soon with a short interlude (~30 comics) and then the wedding!


  1. Talking about pastebin, I did discover that "Chapter two notes" from googling maybe a year ago :D Very interesting to see what could have happened there.

    Will submit cameo.. and thanks for entertaining all of us Angevon!

  2. well ya wanted cameo'smight, as well give ya start.

  3. Heheh, it's always interesting to have a peek on the behind-the-scenes work. :D I can't wait for the next chapter! Here are some cameos to use, both with and without wedding outfits!

  4. Can't wait to see the wedding!

  5. the wait is already killing me

  6. Min-jun (from Kunlun):
    Apricot/Xing Zi (from Louyang):
    Fate (from Lighthalzen): / (uniform)
    Oropher Felagund (whereever elves are found in Ragnarok or Hugel): /

  7. So when does chapter 5 kick in?

    1. It's tentatively set to start mid to late October.

  8. [img][/img]


  10. Here's some more: