Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chapter Four 213

Angevon's Comments:
This is the last time Bene tells this story, I promise, haha!
But Gwynn will have some interesting things to say in her report to Geffen!

In other news, this was originally two different 4-panel comics, but for the sake of brevity I combined them into one 6-panel comic. You can tell because the background in panels 4-6 is different. Just imagine Bene walked up a little because of the mood and Gwynn is following behind him :)


  1. I have a feeling Keth had a similar conversation with a now-unknown church member. Phel, maybe?

    Anyway, I'm thinking Sakura had a similar situation. Abusive, Keth was shy, didn't tell anyone, but then another church stepped in.

    Makes me wonder if Bene is going to be hated as well.

  2. I actually like it with two backgrounds like that :) It does feel like a longer comic, less like a four-panel comic

  3. And Priscilla got sent to Morroc and Bene got hated... XD