Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter Four 157

Angevon's Comments:


  1. I, personally, think that Munaks are adorable...

    My priest used to wear a Munak hat, and a Munak pet (named Munakita, little Munak in spanish)

    My favourite mob xD

  2. Perhaps she is forgetting a Poring.

    I mean, a pink blob with a :3 face can be anything -but- ugly and intimidating.

  3. Hey angevon, I've been wanted to make a RO sprite comic but I have no idea how, excluding I can just put sprites down. Could you offer me any tips?

    1. Hey there, I've made a guide a long time ago here:
      Use the "next" button there to get to different pages in the guide.

      It's a bit out of date - I've changed a lot about how I do things (and I'm also now using Windows 7 so the MSPaint program works differently), but hopefully it will help a little bit. Feel free to ask questions if something doesn't make sense.

  4. Oh, puh-leez, Gwyn... Set the poor doll on fire? You're so cold!!