Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chapter Four 155

Angevon's Comments:
I haven't decided what to do with Gaston yet, to be honest.

I've trained (and leeched) way too many characters on Geographers in that area in my lifetime.


  1. next time he will be showing off his big boy magic, Meteor Storm and lord of Vermillion XD

  2. I cant wait to se his 10 second cast LoV XDDDDD

  3. I personally train most of my characters in Moscovia Forest. Mages especially. Things are just super super weak to firebolt in there.

    Mavkas also drop some really expensive gift items... Witherless rose, crystal mirrors, etc. Can become a millionaire extremely easily.

    They also drop "The Principles of Magic" a pretty decent book weapon that gives +20% MATK and +5% SP recovery. (+160 MATK on Renewal).

  4. You can have him protect Lavian as a favor to Kethios.

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