Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chapter Four 150

Angevon's Comments:
Because Divine Protection and Demon Bane are vital to learn.

Well, Demon Bane might be nice if he becomes a monk, though, and Divine Protection is a pre-req for Blessing. And there is always Heal.

Our little acoboy has a lot on his mind.


  1. Isn't Demon Bane required for turning undead to zero? And he probably needs Redemptio too.

  2. Nvm I stand corrected: Demon Bane is not needed, unless he becomes a high priest....

    Anyway.... Isn't GwynxBene a problem for Keth?

  3. Wait... I thought Kethios agreed that he would be Benedicts' mentor, here?

  4. Probably cause he's a battle priest

  5. It seems Keth's still uncomfortable with being Bene's mentor. Poor acoboy, I bet he's feeling quite lonely... lemme hug you!! :(

    Oi, Keth, you shouldn't let Bene around Gwyn knowing she has a thing for blondes! Or weird headgears... or healing classes... or whatever. And yes, please, get (us) to the bottom of Lloyd/Gwyn situation! XD