Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chapter Four 070

Angevon's Comments:


  1. Er... I don't know if Bene is necessarily ready for Glast Heim quite yet...

    Also now that I think about it, I was always confused about SP in RO. Physical attacks like bash aren't magic but it still takes points that you use to cast magic with...

    Maybe "SP" as a whole is more like that character's over all fatigue, or energy, like chi or.... err... dare I say like 'Chakra' from Naruto. Aside from HP which determines how many stabs to the face the character can withstand before physically dying.

    Because I highly doubt food like Grapes, strawberries and oranges hold edible mana inside of them.

  2. ....Actually, on second thought, maybe they do... I mean... you can craft exploding arrows from empty glass bottles...

  3. Being a crusader is suffering.

  4. Bene also has a lower mana pool then Gwen. This won'y be pretty.

    To the mana/stamina debate: I's like to think of it as how much skill power someone has before they need a break. Explains why dancers can recover it so much faster when they dance~