Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chapter Four 056

Angevon's Comments:
Date's wrong because I forgot to update last night.


  1. mr knight is going ground bene for life>_>

  2. Ho shit we have a bad ass over here.

    Two predictions:

    Ellsy does something, like take her shield out and defend bene
    Carl summons a homun, or decides to have some fun with either some bottles in his cart, OR using his cart as a weapon.

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  4. @Stephy: What cart?

    Mammonite or Marine Sphere smokescreen.

    Why not compromise and become a monk or a battle priest like Keth XD

  5. @Bh I JUST NOTICED THAT. I'm so used to having a cart on RO. He still might be carrying acid bottles/ bottle grenades though.

    A monk would make poor Ellsy nosebleed. XD

  6. Personally I hate parents who try and decide what their child will do in life.

    One of my friends is forced to take Piano lessons because "it will make you smarter at everything else".

    Not because he has an interest in music, not because he actually wants to, but because his parents ACTUALLY thinks that piano lessons makes you better at literally EVERYTHING else.


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  8. Ellsy: Shield Bash to protect Bene, if the dad actually hits Bene. She might step in between the two, along with Carl.

    Carl: Demonstration to keep the dad and Ben separate with a wall of fire or steps in the way. Acid Terror if it gets too far.

    1. Carl's an Alch, not a biochem. It'd be acid terror.

  9. Demonstration is another skill than Acid Demo D: