Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chapter Four 036

Angevon's Comments:


  1. BAM!! Stone Cursed, then Fire Bolted! But I doubt a Fire Bolt would really be able to K.O. a Merman. 14.690 HP... mh... Lex Aeterna + FB, nah... not even with Lex xD

    Anyways: I really like your comics. Have been a silent follower for about a year, I think ^^

  2. Mh... seems like I traveled to the past or something, haha.
    I read my comment again after posting and saw "16:04", but it's already past 10 pm here.
    Time difference *rolls eyes*

  3. My Baby Magician (magician, not wizard) was able to hit up to 200K damage against some monsters with a stone cursed foe...

    And instant casting too. Very very poor casting delay, though. Still. More than enough to 1 shot most people who aren't invested in magic defense...

  4. sairek stop bragging about ur baby characters>_>

  5. It's not really bragging since the characters are years old and the server doesn't even so much exist anymore thus the characters don't exist anymore.

    I'm just stating what you can sometimes achieve in Ragnarok Online that's ridiculous or game breaking.

  6. No Ellsy Kebab. Sushi time now!