Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chapter Four 026

Angevon's Comments:
There's this little cliff overhang where, on my server years ago, couples would go to be away from the South Prontera crowd.

I was actually taken there much like this. Imagine a female novice and Kethios with Angel wings. I was not the novice :s


  1. For some reason, whenever I am a baby character, people always think I'm as young as my character looks in game. Maybe it's because I have a knack of automatically taking on my character's personality when speaking with strangers online. And being a baby, I take on a childish personality...

    It's very weird when I get a 11 or 12 year old girl admitting they like me a lot...

    Or a boy, when I'm playing a female baby. Then it gets really weird. o.o

  2. lol....when i play as a girl i would always say, im a dude dont hit on me

  3. Ellsy: I have a confession to make!
    Kethios: Wa-
    Ellsy: Carl is going to hunt more tentacles for me! What should I do?
    Kethios: ..... I'll talk to that guy.