Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chapter Four 022

Angevon's Comments:
We have unleashed a monster.

Okay, a story. When oRO died, I was so impressed with my brother's Grand Cross crusader there that I decided to make my own as my main character on the next server we played on. So, I made Gwynneth. That server died, too. But anyway, I loved her so much she was made a character in my comic.


  1. Minus two points with Gwynneth.

    And Lloyd will probably find a practice dummy xD (Keth wearing a wig).

  2. lol oRO, the name sounds vaguely familiar...but just cant seem recall

  3. It was Oceania Ragnarok Online for Australia/New Zealand region. I played there although I'm not from that region at all!

  4. lol nvm i thought u meant a popular private server