Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chapter Four 018

Angevon's Comments:
I made the skill names bigger than normal. Whoops.

Smite (aka shield charge?) has a chance to stun, but it failed. Gloria increases the luck stat for a very short time -- it basically increases the critical hit rate. It's fairly useless for Lloyd, though, since he is a tank build.

Ghouls throw up to attack. Pretty gross, eh?

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  1. I screwed up posting so I lost a comment from Sairek Ceareste, so I copied it here:

    "Eh, Gloria isn't so useless as far as just increasing Luck for critical rating.

    Gloria's total effects is:

    Luck +30, Attack rating +6 (5 luck = 1 attack) Pefect dodge +3 (10 Luck = 1 PD), Critical strike rating +10 (3 Luk = 1 Crit rating).

    Unfortunately, Gloria only lasts a grand total of like, 25 or 30 seconds when maxed out. But at least it instant casts and goes automatically to everyone on the screen."