Friday, March 23, 2012

Chapter Four 012

Angevon's Comments:
Back in the day, the Glast Heim churchyard area had zombie and skeleton prisoners, and it was a great place for acolytes and priests to train by healing these undead monsters. It still has wraiths, but the skeletons and zombies have been removed since then; as far as I know, they're now only in the prisons.


  1. lol... Lloyd is not saying anything. At this rate, it'll look like a love quadrangle.

  2. lol ladies first, he only said that so she can tank lol

  3. My Battle (STR-AGI, DEX)-Support does a good job xD (unless mobbed xD)

    Does she has Devotion though/Sacrifice

  4. a desent from a long line of wizards, bet shes squishy sacrifice would be out of the question, or she could use it for a heroic death lol