Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chapter Four 009

Angevon's Comments:
Crusader's aren't that great as heal slaves because their SP pool and SP recovery aren't as good as the acolyte classes, but they can make it work.


  1. Reason I don't have heal on my Paladin. XD

  2. As a Sacrifice build Paladin, 99 vit, 99 int, healing is half my job. :)

    Also makes great work for tanking, since you have ridiculous HP, and both Magic defense and Physical defense. Even a Stalker's full strip won't easily stop a Sacrifice Paladin. It has the weakness of Acid Demolition, though.

  3. How opposite......... yet similar.

  4. Thus... Love Square? Quadrangle? Keithos <- Crusader <- Edgar (Bene: someone innocent)

    .... Pentagon? Quidrangle? Carl -> Ellsy -> Keithos <- Crusader <- Edgar (Bene: innocent) -> Fwuffles?