Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chapter Four 001

Angevon's Comments:
Pheldrin is a support / turn undead priest, so he's in high demand.


  1. Clearing the Undead must be great fun for a Priest, according to Lloyd. Haha.

  2. finding a induge professor as partner seems even harder

  3. Turn undead is fun... when it works.

  4. The usual sit down and First Aid would do (plus Magnificat, something that Keithos could use).

    So far, none was used (the list I checked).

  5. would probably take lyold forever presuming his vit build

  6. The cameos used here are Sairek's which he gave me over MSN -- at my request. I asked him for this cameo months ago, because I actually have many comics ALREADY MADE for this chapter (updates enough up to the end of next month). So, you won't be seeing any of the cameo requests for a long time yet, as I continue to make comics in this chapter.

    If you don't like that, well, sorry?

    I don't really like to use cameos at all, but I ask for them anyway because it's kind of cute when someone says, "Hey I see my assassin :D" when they finally show up. Also, although it's not hard for me to make up background characters on the charsim, I usually just use the same basic classes over again - generic knight, generic priestess, etc. - and it's nice to have variety that the cameos can bring.

    Though, sometimes they look out of place because of their clothing dyes...

  7. @Angevon: nah I was just cameo hunting'
    @Antikv: Increase HP recovery + Magnificat + First Aid