Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chapter Three Notes

Angevon's Comments:

Here's how I'd like cameos:

1. Use this character simulator
2. Generate a signature or avatar and save the imageshack link that it provides.
3. Tell me the number of the hair dye and the clothes dye.
4. Tell me if your headgear(s) is/are top/middle/lower/mix because sometimes it's like finding a needle in a haystack.
5. Add a comment to this page with the information.

The more ordinary your character is, the more likely I am to use it. Just saying!

Also, no mounts!

Thanks for reading and see you next month~


  1. In for the cameo! :D
    Hair 21, RED (don't ask me why the sig-picture is blonde...)
    Headgears: Ears of Black Cat/Whickebain Cat Ears (the animated version basically) and Side Ribbons.
    Normally she also has a cat tail (I usually took that of the Whickebain NPC ingame)
    ( for a correct image)

    Lunaa (Rutana's un-identical Twin Sister):
    Hair 22, GREEN (again, no idea why it's blue on the signature <.<)
    Headgears: Heart Ribbon Hairband, Four-Leaf Clover (not required, that's up to you)
    ( for a correct image)

    And, if you want/like, Simara:
    Hair 18, BLUE (still no idea...)
    Headgears: Red-tailed Ribbon/Back Ribbon (is called differently on servers), Takius Blindfold
    ( for a correct image)

  2. Me me me me! :D

    Name: Annie
    Actual sprite (dumb simulator effs hair colours up!):
    Hair colour: 7, dark brown
    Clothing colour: 90
    Headgears: Valkyrie helm (upper), evil wing ears (mid), blank card (lower)

  3. Name: Kyrie
    Hair color: 0, pink
    Clothing color: default (or change it to pink)
    Headgears: red glasses/cute glasses, super novice hat (upper)/(any flower headband except Sunflower hat)
    Jack of all trades XD

    Name: Ward
    Hair color: base color
    Clothing color: default
    Headgear: Ph.D Hat (upper) and glasses (middle)
    A Sage who is taking a vacation (as hopeless as his sister, also a Jack-of-all-trades).

  4. Name: Cameo, cameos don't need names! (Lynra)
    Sprite: [img][/img]
    Hair Colour: 7; Brown.
    Clothing Colour: 0; Default.
    Headgears: Helmet of Orc Hero (The one that only has two brown feathers, not a billion), mixed helmet.
    Sword: Gaia Sword.

    I'd like for her to be showing off her badass sword. (Fighting, Training, bragging, etc) Or... whatever you prefer, Angevon! xD

  5. first character:
    Name: Naeya, a.k.a "diamond virgin"
    Hair Colour: 3, light purple
    Clothing colour: default.
    Headgears: Circlet.
    I used to play as priest ^^ I named this character after an homonym J-rock song! Even though the lyrics kind of calls her a heartbreaker, if I were to write a story about her, I would actually make her the one infatuated with someone unreachable (if you wanna take a look on the song lyrics to get some inspiration, here it goes: )

    second character:
    Name: Lee (That's actually a last name)
    Hair Colour: 8, redhead
    Clothing Colour: Default
    Headgears: Capitain's Hat
    "He" is actually a "she" (by that I mean she's a tomboy). Why did she start to live as a boy? How does she manage to hide her female body if that coat is usually open? Maybe you could write a funny story about that~ ^^

  6. Ahhh yes. Cameos.

    Name: Summerstream Niimina
    Hair: 43, Dark brown
    Cloth: 274
    Headgears: Sigrun Wings (mid), Feather Beret (top)

    Personality wise, Summerstream is very passive unless provoked, but it takes much to provoke her. She usually wields a Glorious Flamberge as her main weapon, with either a Valk shield or a stone buckler as her shield.

  7. Name: Samsara
    Hair & clothes dye: default
    Headgear: Ribbon (top)

    I'd be honoured! c:

    hair: 10, i guess? the default greenish color
    clothes: 311
    hat: jack-be-dandy - upper

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Hair color is default for that style (7th style)
    Clothes: 378, Looney's dyes
    Hat: Frigg's Circlet (6th row, very last hat, top headgear)

    Wields a wooden type of staff weapon.

  11. I hope she'd be able to use at least one of ours.

  12. I have some, too. :D

    #1 [img][/img]
    Hair color: default for this style
    Clothes: still default
    Hat: Goggles (first row, first hat, mix headgear)

    #2 [img][/img]
    Hair color: 4th for this style
    Clothes: still default
    Hat: ??? (third row, third hat, mix headgear)

  13. if I were to write a story about her, most amazing pictures