Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter Three 23

Angevon's Comments:
I know you were expecting a Valentine's comic, and I thought of making one in which Carl gives Ellsy tentacles as a joke, but then I had already written this comic which also mentioned tentacles, so I decided not to make a Valentine's comic and just do a normal update instead.

With that shield she is now really like her brother :)

Mirror shield is not as good as a normal shield, but it provides magic defense. Dunno if they'll be fighting magic-using enemies anytime, though. Maybe a swordfish; it has water ball.


  1. so ellsy is gonna be a sader after all?

  2. The waterball there tickles my pally /meh

    Ah, he's probably getting marine sphere mats. At least, in my suspicion at least

  3. Tentacles... Good times... Good Times...XD